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Teelt: Plantbreeding voor Non-breeders

Are you working at a plant breeding company but have limited or no knowledge about plant breeding? Do you want to understand the jargon of the breeder when you cooperate with him/her? Then this e-learning experience might be suitable for you.

This online course will give you insight in DNA, genetics, breeding goals, selection methods and seed production. The course will help/allow you to grasp the basics of the total breeding program, comprehend why today breeding goals are varieties of the future. Furthermore, it explains the jargon and gives full insight into the process of developing new varieties (from gene to euro).
Should I enroll? If you need a quick brush-up on the plant breeding process or want to make a head start in your new job, the answer is yes.

What can you expect:
The online course consists of 3 modules. Each module offers different work methods like short lectures, articles and videos with assignments and knowledge tests. The course content is mainly related to practical applications and more complex theoretical content is only added when absolutely necessary.

For Who:
The course is for people who are working at, or about to be employed at a plant breeding company but are not breeding themselves. For example you are working at the department of finance, sales, purchase, Human Resource Management, ICT, Legals or you are working as an executive secretary or policy maker.

Course Content per Module
1. Genetics
2. Plant breeding
3. Biotechnology


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